UCR Fee Data

Accurate, up-to-date UCR fee data derived from provider transactions. Straight from the source with zero payer adjustments.

UCR Done Right

Our UCR offerings make certain that insurance companies, employer groups, and other healthcare organizations have direct access to the fee information necessary to operate in today’s diverse healthcare environment.  Constructed using a proven statistical methodology, Context analyzes billions of provider charges. Oxford Outcomes stated in their review “We believe that the Context4 Healthcare data sourcing is more likely to provide representative data compared to other common sources of fee data” and “We believe that provider billing/charge data is an appropriate basis for UCR benchmarking”. 

The UCR fee data is arrayed in percentiles from the 25th through the 95th. It is also divided by more than 300 geo-zip regions around the country to allow for the regional differences in healthcare costs.  Our UCR fee data is updated semi-annually. This methodology ensures that the UCR fee products represent current provider charges from around the country. 

UCR Fee data available includes:

  • Physician / Professional Fees
  • Anesthesia 
  • Dental
  • Outpatient Facility 
  • Inpatient Facility