UCR Fee Data on the Web

Defensible up-to-date UCR fee data derived from provider transactions. Accessible anywhere you can access the web.

UCR Accessible on the Web


The Healthcare Pricing Challenge

UCR (Usual, Customary and Reasonable) pricing for reimbursement compliance can be challenging for a Life Care Planner. Not all UCR sources are the same. Some UCR creators use questionable source data and methodologies that may not reflect true provider charges. UCR data can be expensive to license and difficult to use - but not with Context 4 Healthcare's C4 Reference-Based Pricing Online Fee Viewer.

The C4 Reference-Based Pricing Online Fee Viewer is a cloud-based application, accessible from any web browser, that generates UCR pricing for medical and dental services. Just enter a few pieces of data, such as procedure code, service date, zip code, and percentile(s), and the C4 Reference-Based Pricing Online Fee Viewer will return pricing for that service instantly.

Nationwide UCR at your Fingertips

You'll have access to our complete, nationwide pricing database, so you can look up UCR for services performed anywhere in the United States. Our precise UCR methodology breaks the country into more than 360 geographic segments, so you can be sure that the UCR price you get from C4 Reference-Based Pricing Online Fee Viewer will be the right price for the zip code you enter. Context 4 Healthcare's C4 Reference-Based Pricing Online Fee Viewer provides Life Care Planners with healthcare benefit pricing that is comprehensive, defensible, responsive, and simple to use.

C4H Technology Platform

Included UCR Fees

TheMedicine_darkblue ALL-doctor

Medical fee data across every provider specialty, with fees for both Global and Professional service components.

TheMedicine_darkblue ALL-dental

Dental fees for all service types such as diagnostic, preventative, restorative, endodontics, and all the rest. 

TheMedicine_darkblue ALL-injection

Anesthesia fee data for services rendered by anesthesiologists as well as by other providers under the anesthesiologist’s direction.

TheMedicine_darkblue ALL-ambulance

HCPCS code fees covering thousands of common services not covered through a CPT code.

TheMedicine_darkblue ALL-stethoscope

Outpatient Facility data made up of hundreds of millions of charges. The outpatient facility setting is the dominant location for medical and surgical procedures.

TheMedicine_darkblue ALL-dentistpatient

Inpatient Facility fees based on CMS MEDPAR data, allowing you to accurately price each day of the hospital stay, or the entire stay, by each DRG code.

Since 1994, Context 4 Healthcare has been the industry’s trusted source for defensible, dependable, and accepted UCR data. Life Care Planners nationwide use it to calculate their plan liabilities. Shouldn’t you?