Context4 Health Plans Suite

A modular, cloud-based technology platform delivering industry-leading pricing and integrity solutions for healthcare payers.

Secure, Simple, and Adaptable

C4H Software Solutions

Putting Healthcare in Context

The healthcare industry is full of challenges, from complex regulations to skyrocketing costs. But protecting the integrity of your health plan and determining accurate pricing should be simple. Too many healthcare software solutions create more problems than they solve, with convoluted installation, confusing interfaces, and poor integration - burdening healthcare companies with high costs and lost efficiency. But here at Context 4 Healthcare, we've built the next generation of healthcare compliance and cost control solutions. 

The Complete Pricing & Integrity Solution

The Context4 Health Plans Suite is a modular solution built on a single integrated technology platform. With over 30 years in the industry and a team of the best software developers and healthcare experts, we’ve created a cloud-based software solution that is flexible, secure, and easy to implement. Payers can choose to utilize Payment Integrity and Reference-based Pricing together for their plans, or separate them out when the needs of the plan require it. It’s all done through a single interface. Using the Context4 Health Plans Suite lets your plans operate under an umbrella of complete compliance.

C4H Technology Platform

Payment Integrity

Payment Integrity

Context 4 Healthcare leads the industry in providing medical and dental plans with payment integrity. We specialize in providing analytics and detection solutions to enforce plan integrity. Context4 Medical Payment Integrity and Context4 Dental Payment Integrity deliver immediate, actionable, and defensible insights that produce rapid results.

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Reference-based Pricing

Context offers real-time reference-based pricing in the cloud with our Context4 Reference-Based Pricing reference-based pricing system. Accessible via a real-time web service or through a batch process, pricing mechanisms are maintained by our pricing experts. It’s updated weekly for you. There's no data to download or manage.

With easy implementation and the high-level security of Amazon GovCloud, the Context4 Health Plans Suite offers an array of powerful tools for health care payers. Contact our sales team today to find out how the Context4 Health Plans Suite can transform the way you manage and protect your plan.