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Context4 Healthcare, Inc. and AXA Assistance USA Announce the Successful Implementation of FirstPass™ and the New Real-Time UCR Fee Retrieval

  • Sep 28, 2016, 14:07 PM

NAPERVILLE, Il., (July 7, 2015) – ContextHealthcare, Inc., a leading provider of healthcare compliance and reimbursement solutions, and AXA Assistance USA, the world leader in providing assistance, announce today the successful implementation of Context’s FirstPass™ claim editing solution within AXA’s benefit claim management workflow. The implementation included Context’s DecisionPoint™ UCR fee schedule integrated with FirstPass™ to provide unprecedented real-time access to usual, customary and reasonable fees for medical procedures.

FirstPass™, a leading claim compliance editing solution, contains thousands of rules and millions of edit combinations designed to identify billing and coding errors along with potential fraud, waste and abuse situations in order to help payers make real-time adjudication decisions. Now for the first time, Context’s DecisionPoint™ UCR fee data is available via real-time SaaS deployment when combined with FirstPass™. The launch of this innovative and unique combined solution provides users like AXA Assistance USA with instant access to updated compliance rules along with the most current UCR fees while eliminating the need to load data or maintain system updates. Recognized as the industry’s gold standard for UCR fee schedules, Context has been publishing the DecisionPoint™ UCR medical fee schedule for more than 20 years.

Cassie Brinkley, COO of AXA Assistance, shared: “Context has provided AXA Assistance USA with superior claims editing and pricing analytics to drive our cost containment program, and bring added savings and assurance to our clients.  The real-time UCR/Medicare data has allowed us to have a better bench marking tool when assessing payments to providers.  We found with Context an integrated solution through the FirstPass™ editing application which has enhanced our payment accuracy.”

Mark Earles, CEO of Context4 Healthcare, stated: “It’s wonderful to begin this new stage of the long-term relationship that Context has enjoyed with AXA Assistance USA. The FirstPass claim editing solution continues to provide payers with real-time claims compliance management. With the integration of DecisionPoint UCR, payers can now benchmark liability without managing data updates or concern about using outdated information. AXA Assistance USA recognized Context as being uniquely capable of providing such an integrated solution.“

About AXA Assistance Group
AXA Assistance is among the world leaders in providing assistance, with near 1.3 billion euros annual revenue, 23 million euro underlying earnings and 9.4 million handled files in 2014. Wholly-owned by the AXA Group, AXA Assistance is the global assistance specialist provider in Automotive, Travel, Home, Health and Personal Services.  Its 7,523 people are located in 33 countries and do business in over 200 countries. They look after their customers and protect them by providing best-in-class solutions beyond immediate situations, anywhere, anytime.

About AXA Assistance USA
AXA Assistance USA is part of AXA Assistance Group and is headquartered in Chicago, IL since 1983. AXA Assistance USA delivers travel, healthcare, and concierge products through insurance companies, major credit card associations, and directly to corporations and student groups. For more information on AXA Assistance USA, please visit

About ContextHealthcare, Inc.
Headquartered in Naperville, IL, Context4 Healthcare has more than 25 years of experience in software and data product development. Context is a leading provider of healthcare compliance and reimbursement solutions including DecisionPoint™ Health Payment System of Usual, Customary & Reasonable (UCR) fee schedules, and ClaimsEditor® and FirstPass™, both real-time, online claims editing solutions. These solutions serve hundreds of provider, health system, and payer clients, positively impacting millions of lives globally. For more information on Context4 Healthcare, please visit