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The Healthcare Data Challenge

In today’s complex healthcare environment, having access to accurate and up-to-date data is crucial to success. Building and maintaining this knowledge base is difficult, time-consuming and costly. Compliance starts with timely, accurate, and relevant healthcare data. In order to drive value and support compliance in your organization, you need data from a source you can trust.

Building a Data Partnership

When it comes to healthcare data, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of accuracy so that your organization can maintain a clear view of the challenges and opportunities ahead. We make it easy to access and maintain a holistic master data set, providing the latest coding, fee, and regulatory data to help you maximize productivity and compliance.

Our 100+ data products integrate seamlessly with your existing IT platforms, and we can create custom data products to meet your needs. You'll also benefit from our renowned client support and decades of experience, with professional guidance on coding, rules usage and compliance. This is why we have been the leading choice for over 1,000 payers, providers, and software developers for more than 30 years.


Available Data Products

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Fee Data

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Procedural & Diagnosis Codes

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UCR Fees

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Specialty Libraries

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Medicare & Medicaid Data

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Client Customized + More

Since 1994, Context 4 Healthcare has been the industry’s trusted source for accurate, timely, and relevant healthcare data. Hundreds of payers, providers, and software developers nationwide choose our data to drive value and support compliance. What would better data do for your organization?

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