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Our claim editing software detects errors and inaccuracies before claims submission. Improve your revenue cycle today!

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ICDTransformer™ Solution

Our ICDTransformer™ solution will ease your move to the ICD-10-CM code set.

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CodeLink® Pro

Our award wining software generates linked code combinations fast and accurately. Built by Coders for Coders.

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Enhance your pre-adjudication claims process by identifying inaccurate claims before they populate downstream applications.

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DecisionPoint™ Health Payment System

Your source for benchmarking UCR reimbursement throughout the U.S.

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Custom Physician Fee Reports

Physician Fee Reports contain UCR benchmarking data. These custom schedules are available by speciality and are ZIP Code specific.

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Healthcare Data Solutions

The latest fee, coding, national & state regulatory data is available. With over 100 solutions we are your one stop shop for healthcare data products.




"Context has an excellent track record for data accuracy and seamless integration. Our extensive validation analysis of Context products resulted in Context being the vendor of choice for our Medicaid data needs. Context’s ability to meet our unique product requirements reinforced our confidence in expanding the relationship."


Warren Leber

Molina Medicaid Solutions

Long Beach ,CA

"Since using ContextHealthcare’s Usual Customary & Reasonable fee data, our provider appeals are now nonexistent."


Satisfied Client

Group Benefit Administrators

Salt Lake City,UT

"The UCR database covers all procedures and areas and is kept up to date as services and changes in codes are made in the industry.  PBA couldn’t be more happy with the products and the customer service support. Thanks for all you do."                                                                


Satisfied Client

Professional Benefit Administrators

Oak Brook,IL

"When asked by a potential client recently who we used for our Usual and Customary Fee data we told them Context4 Healthcare. The potential client was very pleased and it gave us one up on the competition"





“Context4 Healthcare’s Claims Editor is a one of a kind solution.  The real-time edits and ability to create in-house rules have played a major part in reducing our denial rate.”


Carrie White, CPC

MedPro Solutions


Amazing customer service! Thanks so much for the quick feedback and for resolving the issue so quickly, you knew just how to help.


Helen Fitzgerald

University of Michigan Medical Center

Ann Arbor,MI

“Practically guarantees coding accuracy. Fast & easy enough for the doctor to check out a complex code!”



Private Practice


"I found this software to be very usefull. Actually, it is addictive. Once you start using it, you cannot use anything else. Thank you"


Clinic Administrator

CodeLink Client


“Great software”


Staff Member

Billing Service


"An excellent program. Has improved our rate of clean claim submission with improved cash flow."



Medical Practice


“…the designers have incorporated a bit of artificial intelligence in their product by structuring what it gives you and what it asks for to resemble what an expert coder might do – all without each doctor’s office having to find an expert coder.”


Team Member

Medical Software Review Publication


“With the new Medicare requirements, the program has become indispensable to our practice, and has saved us countless hours & errors.”



Medical Practice

New Orleans,LA

“The extensive and up-to-date UCR database provided by Context4 Healthcare is complimented by their fast and knowledgeable customer service.”


Jeremy Feldbruegge

Benefit Plan Administrators

Eau Clair,WI

"Medova Healthcare selected the Context 4 Healthcare FirstPass claim edit application based on ease of use and affordability. We were first impressed by the simplicity of the implementation process and the staff was accommodating to our existing file format."


Jan McDonald

Medova Healthcare


"Good customer service is often difficult to find, and I feel it is important to recognize.  Your staff was especially helpful, professional, and resolved our questions very quickly.  It was a pleasure doing business with the Context Client Success Team and I truly appreciated the commitment to good customer service."


Sharon Fields

Physician Practice

Southern Arizona,AZ

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